How to water the stockfish

Wondering how to make lutefish or dilute stockfish?
We take it step by step:
Here we use unbeaten fillet of stockfish.

Put the stockfish in a sink (here you can use whatever you want, a vessel if you are going to make many, or a bucket that you put in the sink. Depending on what best suited for you and your use)

Put on running, cold water. There does not have to be a lot of pressure, m en enough for the water to circulate.

If you do not have the opportunity to have it in running water, then you can change water once a day. It is important that it is cold water, preferably below 8 degrees. To keep it cool, you can have it in a storage room or out on the porch if you do not have the opportunity to have it in running water.

Leave the fish for 3-4 days, need less time if the water is 10-12 degrees.
Last night you put the fish in water with lots of ice, that's enough that the fish is covered in the ice water. The stockfish is now ready for cooking.

Want to cook lutefisk?

Make a brine of water and caustic soda in the ratio of 50 grams of soda to 7 liters of water. The diluted fish should be left in the sheet for about 1 day. Afterwards, the fish is watered out in cold and preferably running water for about 2 days.

Now it's just cooking!


PS: The fish can be frozen if you want to enjoy it later.

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