About us

H. Sverdrup is a family business that produces stockfish, salted fish and fresh fish.

The Sverdrup family started production of fish products on Reine as early as 1874. Today it is run by the fourth and fifth generation.

Stockfish is produced in the same way today as it was done already during the Viking Age.

The cod (Gadus Morhua), hangs to dry around the fishing village in February / March and is dry in June. It is hung gutted without a head and is naturally salted from the sea.
It is then taken into storage where it is sorted (scrapped) in over 20 different qualities, and is then packed.
The stockfish is sold to Italy, Nigeria, Croatia, US A and Norway (lutefisk) + some other smaller markets.
Cod, saithe, tusk, ling and haddock can be dried into stockfish.

The heads of the cod are dried in the same way as the fish. The heads are sold to Nigeria, where they are cooked in the traditional Nigerian way.

Salted fish are often cod (Gadus Morhua) which is salted fresh. The salted fish is dried industrially before it is sorted and packed as clipfish. The major markets for salted fish / clipfish are Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Italy and a few more smaller markets. Drying of salted fish takes place mostly in Møre og Romsdal.
You can also salt saithe, tusk, ling and haddock.

Dried salted fish. We do not produce clipfish.

All fish species sold fresh are frozen in thermos boxes and sold around Europe.

The main product today is stockfish, but canned, cod liver oil and fillets have previously been produced.

In recent years, the company has had a turnover of approximately NOK 50-60 million, of which approx. 60 percent comes from exports of stockfish.

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