Mabel's Cod Tongues

This recipe is by our grandmother, Mabel Sverdrup.

She first dipped washed cod tongues in eggs, then rolled them in a mixture of grill flour, salt and pepper. They were crispy fried on the pan in plenty of butter.

Fill the frying pan with cod tongues, when they are done you have them in the oven at about 180 degrees to keep them warm.

When all the tongues are cooked, melt about 100 grams of butter without washing the pan first. Then you pour about half a deciliter of dry sherry in the pan and let the alcohol boil out.

Serve the tongues with boiled almond potatoes and a salad with oil-based dressing and cherry tomatoes.

Good dinner!

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  • Mamma (Mabel) sin oppskrift på torsketunger var med raspede gulrøtter , tror hun hadde i litt surt og sukker. Salat hadde vi ikke om vinteren. Det ble plantet utenfor hagegjerdet om våren.
    Men jeg må jo være enig at salat er mer luksus enn gulrøtter.


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