Hartvig Kristians lye fish, traditional Norwegian Christmas dish

When "Gammel-Hartvig" traveled around, the idea of ​​stockfish in buckets arose. This is to be able to make lutefisk both when he was in Oslo or with guests who did not have the same opportunities to dilute and lute as it was at the factory. The way we make and pack is the same today as it has been for decades.

The recipe he used is the same one we still use;
Baked stockfish is soaked in cold water for about 1 day.
Original (unbeaten fillet) soaked in cold water for about 4 days.

The water should be running or changed at least twice a day. The fish is now ready to be used for regular cooking - for lutefisk follow the recipe further below:

Make lake of water and caustic soda in the ratio of 50 grams of soda to 7 liters of water.
The soaked fish should lie in the sheet for about 1 day. Afterwards, the fish is watered out in cold and preferably running water for about 2 days. Then the fish is ready for cooking or frozen.

As an accompaniment, we use mashed party dishes with shallots and bacon fat, almond potatoes and bacon. Next to it are always mustard, brown cheese and syrup, used according to what you prefer.

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