Bacalao with stockfish

We had bacalao of stockfish in the canteen last week. Want to try making it at home? Here is the recipe! 😊🐟

3-400 grams of stockfish per pers
3-400 grams of sliced potato per person
Olive oil
Pine nuts
Stone-free green olives
Yellow onion
1 box of tomato puree 
Capers (optional)
Anchovies (optional)

Put olive oil in a large saucepan. When it is hot, sauté the onion and slice the potato so that it covers the entire bottom. Pour over water so that it covers the potatoes.
When the potatoes are half cooked, add the tomato puree and stockfish in pieces.
Cover with olives, capers and anchovies and cook until the potatoes are done

Serve with pine nuts and enjoy!

PS; if you want a little extra, then it is also good with a little chili and garlic! 👌

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